Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

Extracurricular activites are voluntary and students who participate do not receive a grade for the activity.  Typically, extracurricular activites occur after school hours, but some, may also occur during the school day. 

Peer Education Program - Advisor - Guidance Counselor - Mrs. Lindsey Gioielli

Students in eighth grade teach lessons and work with students in lower grades.


Peer Mediation - Advisor - Guidance Counselor - Mrs. Lindsey Gioielli

Students in 7th and 8th grade work with the guidance counselor to mediate recurring problems and conflicts.


Safety Patrol - Advisor - Mrs. Norma Simpson

Students monitor hallways and buses for safety.


Science Fair Club - Advisors - Mrs. Jessica Douglass and Mrs. Debbie Dilks

Students work on their sceince fair projects with assistance from teachers.


Student Government - Advisors - Mrs. Kim DeFebo and Mrs. Terry Turner

Student representatives from each grade level in grades 5-8 meet to discuss school climate, environment, community and safety.


Yearbook - Advisors - Mrs. Maryann Acton and Mrs. Debbie Dilks

Students help with the yearbook development from mid-term to Spring for publication and delivery in June.