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Fingerprinting Requirements

N.J.S.A. 18A:6-7.1 Criminal record check in public school employment, volunteer service states in part:

A facility, center, school, or school system under the supervision of the Department of Education and board of education which cares for, or is involved in the education of children under the age of 18 shall not employ for pay or contract for the paid services of any teaching staff member or substitute teacher, teacher aide, child study team member, school physician, school nurse, custodian, school maintenance worker, cafeteria worker, school law enforcement officer, school secretary or clerical worker or any other person serving in a position which involves regular contact with pupils unless the employer has first determined consistent with the requirements and standards of this act, that no criminal history record information exists on file in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Identification Division, or the State Bureau of Identification which would disqualify that individual from being employed or utilized in such capacity or position.

N.J.S.A 18A:6-7.2 Fingerprinting; reimbursement of unpaid volunteers states in part:

An applicant for employment or service in any of the positions covered by this act shall submit to the Commissioner of Education his or her name, address and fingerprints taken in accordance with procedures established by the commissioner. The Commissioner of Education is hereby authorized to exchange fingerprint data with and receive criminal history record information from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Division of State Police for use in making the determinations required by this act.

Any person wishing to apply for a position within the Alloway Township School District must undergo a Criminal History Review. If you have not already completed this process, please go to the NJ Department of Education's Criminal History Review web page for more information. 

NJ Department of Education Criminal History Review Unit